pickled matter – new faces of contemporary art

an essential guide for anyone interested in contemporary art, pickled matter – new faces of contemporary art is a publication series designed to showcase works by highly anticipated, emerging and mid-carrier artists from around the world. artists featured: melanie bonajo, ernest concepcion, sara-vide ericson, jim gaylord, joshua hagler, kuo i-chen, keiko kamata, gemis luciani, luo jr-shin, ryuta nakajima, max razdow, maja ruznic, the friendly falcons, and charwei tsai.

Pickled Matter 1

Pickled Matter 2

Pickled Matter 3

Pickled Matter 4

Pickled Matter 5
edited by eiketsu baba. available through amazon.com

About Eiketsu Baba

living and working in Tokyo, Japan.
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